Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reaching towards the Sun

It seems some artists don't think about a story or saying anything, or especially anything profound (subjective I know) but in other words... they are content with the aesthetics. All art provokes some kind of response however... and considering that, wouldn't it be advantageous to provoke the strongest response... emotionally, mentally, visually...? I think about all aspects of a painting, how to evolve. Some might follow a Yoda like pattern: "there is no try, just do"... Some might be scientific with their process of coloration, geometry, composition, etc. Anyhow... we live in a fast paced society that appealing to the masses requires a quick read and easy accessibility within what you're expressing... couple with the fact we are energy contained beings of ego, mind, spirit... all unique universes with infinite complexities makes a white canvas a pretty daunting area for an artist with something to say. My goal so far has been paintings with many layers... gripping and easy on the surface, spiraling down the rabbit hole...

I've seen a broad audience from folks that search for the depths... interspersed with some that just seem to like the colors. All are welcome and equally as appreciated. However, it reminds me of something Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull said in an interview, he mentioned that Aqualung is a favorite album of his, granted, but it's all the masses wanted from him... and as a singer/songwriter that evolves and wants to explore his own depths, becoming more sophisticated is one of the hardest processes, because he felt that you leave so much of your audience behind. Steven Spielberg also comes to mind... who said in an interview that he's always tried to do 1 film for him, for every 1 film he does for the masses. Some visual artists come to mind... for instance, H.R. Giger... clearly painted for himself, stories that reflect his own psychosis... is he one of the lucky ones that was able to paint for himself and later exploded into mass appeal? Rather than the opposite process that seems to be the general way of this contemporary society for an artist. Is that the ultimate journey?... Does it require selling your soul a little in this society to build an audience to view what you're really about later on? Or should you say "f" it and enjoy being broke creating brilliance alone and cold... to become appreciated after you die. How does one define "purpose"... how does survival balance with "purpose"... what are you going to "say" to make everything you believe in shine bright and change the world... or are you content "being in the moment" within your happy place on the mountain top...?

... Even a tree has to grow through the elements to get closer to the Sun... rooted in the ground, graceful in their acceptance... I would still bet, some effort is required.

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