Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wading the Dark Shores

Block Island is such an incredible place. It's like walking around a giant garden... that's placed atop mystical cliffs that overlook the ocean. How fortunate I am to be able to experience the surf fishing there with some of the best the sport has to offer. Surfcasters that swim out to boulders and submerged rocks throughout the night to fish distant drop offs and currents that hold big fish... only armed with dull red head lamps, a wet suit and balls of steel. As much as I'm humbled by their techniques, I'm intrigued and determined to push myself to their level. There's a degree of insanity when thinking about it logically... but put your thoughts into the mind of one of these anglers of the night, and you'll find courage, determination, strength, wisdom, spirituality... and that calm of accomplishment... finding your rock that keeps you stable within a place you have no control over. It is all about finding the one... that one giant that lurks the depths... outsmarting her old wisdom... and battling her last triumphant will for survival. To me... it's a very spiritual moment, one that I'd relate to the Buddhism term "Satori"... a brief moment of enlightenment... where all thoughts subside and you're connected not only to the big fish... but the "biggest fish." I don't believe most anglers view their pursuits as a spiritual journey... but in my opinion, it's a religion that actually serves it's purpose.

... I've been fortunate enough to befriend some great people on the island, including the innkeepers of ( The Island Home ) where I stayed. If you're ever looking for a vacation nearby, whether for fishing, romance, or some relaxation... I'd highly recommend looking into it.