Friday, July 20, 2012


FAERYLAND: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones

by John Matthews

With illustrations by Matt Dangler and others

From the author of the bestselling book PIRATES and HOW TO SEE FAERIES (with Brian Froud) comes a wonderful interactive book about faeries. The book includes "hidden ones" of the British Isles as well as those of Scandanavia, Germany, North America, and even the Asian, Arab, and African worlds. The book is divided into 13 sections: among them a Brief History of Faeries; a Who’s Who of Faeries; Good Faeries vs Bad Faeries; Faerie Courts; Faerie Spells; Faerie Places: Faerie Sightings; Faerie Children; and Faerie Music. The book is illustrated with new art from talented fantasy artist Matt Dangler as well as other celebrated contemporary fairy artists alongside classic art by William Blake, Henry Fuseli, William Turner, and others.

To be published Spring 2013 by Abrams.

~ Abrams

~ John Matthews

~ "How To See Faeries"