Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crispy Leaves

Well here we are feeling the crisp air again... I can't believe little pumpkins and white sheets with eyes are scattered through the town... time certainly doesn't wait for me, I can tell you that... another week goes by and it'll be Christmas. A good reason to have the will power to create and do whatever it is you gotta do, today... because tomorrow is an unproductive day, it always is.

This last weekend held a most interesting event. I met some really great people, as well as chatting with a few friends I hadn't seen for a while. Twas quite surreal having a conversation holding fort in the middle of the aisle, while Batman and Hellboy give dirty looks... in the midst of the many mostly naked teen girls, that seem to use the event to pick up 80 pound super heros. Thanks to Metro Orange Art for having me aboard, for quality prints and respect. Artist Leslie Ditto and her husband Gerry provided most of the great conversation and genuine support. If you aren't familiar with Leslie's work, you are certainly in for a treat. Oh yeah, and her prints nearly sold out at this Comic Con... so you're going to want to check them out before they're all gone.

I also have an awesome show coming up... curated by an artist I feel very fortunate to have befriended, Dan Barry. He put together an impressive line up of artists and has taken extra care to motivate and encourage the best out of all participants. You're not going to want to miss this one. I'll be painting a most gluttonous hoarder of honey for the show... revisiting my whacky enchanted blurred background style, but with a new level of imagination and detail. I'll also be sending out a few drawings and a fully oil painted polymer sculpture... stay tuned.

I've also delved deeper into the world of sculpture... ultimately preparing myself for a character design portfolio, ideally shooting for the film industry as well as video games etc. These 2 guys were put together in Sculpey and stand about 4" tall. I plan on fully rendering them in Oil paint using the same methodology used within my 2d paintings.

... Also, be sure to catch Jason Limon's show over at Bold Hype Gallery this month... he's really taken his world into a new more sophisticated dimension that I'm really fond of.

Cheers -